Review Xbox 360: Watchmen: The End Is Nigh

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This game tells its story moments through a comic book like style but unlike other games along that genre they give it a very dark feel with Rorschach’s low gruff voice and the games dark almost wet damp dirty look.

At the start of the one player game you can choose either Rorschach or Nite owl, I chose Rorschach the spy like character. You first level is based in a prison where you are called to a inmate riot but your aren’t greeted with open arms in fact you aren’t welcome at all this sets the game up for the fact your seen as vigilantes and a treat and as the game continues you’ll realise what a great film this is going to be.

Shame there isn’t a quick tutorial at the start as your thrown rite into the bad guy fighting action, also don’t panic here if you get surrounded as you quickly get used to the basic controls of just moving the direction analogue stick in the direction you want to attack as it responds quickly and you can jump from enemy to enemy if you are about to be attacked.

I must say at this point i already noticed the high quality of the graphics its everything scenery, characters, enemies and even inanimate objects. This game also was allowed to exceed the size limit for arcade games, what a good decision this was it shows a lot, Although it is 1.35 GB and it took me awhile to download, already it was well worth the wait and the space this will take up on your hard drive.

Combat is easy to get used to but when you first start this game you don’t have many moves, this is fixed by the easily seen floating tokens that glow. These token unlock combos and other abilities like throw and counter attack, most combos are easy to remember and pull of and for the most enjoyable to unleash upon enemy’s, Also what’s nice is the little hints that appear in the corner of the screen reminding you of attacks and combos.

I love the cinematic one button finishers, they are brutal and brilliant you can hear bones break and the sound of cartilage and blood is gruesome…. yes you feel satisfied after one of these just keep an eye out for the indicated button about the poor enemy’s head.

Another cool feature in combat is that you can pick up bottle and batons , gave me flashbacks of double dragon and the fact that you have another playable character next to you is that you have back up also. One bad thing about the combat is if you down an enemy your character will boot him when you attack, this leaves you open to attack and it’s very tricky to stop kicking the guy on the ground to attack others.

It’s too bad I don’t have anybody who has this on my friends list as this game was made for co-op really and would probably come into its element during co-op play.

The commentary from your character through the game is very enjoyable and it gets you more involved, as you progress your character will tell you more about your environment and helps create depth to the story as your playing through it.

Even after getting used to the controls and playing a couple of levels I really wouldn’t go rushing in head first into large rooms of enemy’s as you will simply will get beaten to death, let Nite Owl go in first to distract them or lead them into smaller areas, the game is a little tricky like that.

Overall everything looks brilliant, I’ve seen worse looking full 360 retail titles than this for example the second level you’re in back alleys and streets and the rain effects are outstanding for an arcade game and he lighting effects again are jaw dropping.

This game is only 1600 MP, now that is a bargain for a fantastic looking game that’s very fun and enjoyable to play one player or co-op, definitly worth a look if you are looking forward to the Watchmen film, you won’t be disappointed.


Rating 8/10

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