Review Xbox 360 Arcade: Crystal Defenders

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The Crystal Defenders is a strategy game with characters from the Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

The aim of the game is too kill the hordes of enemies that are trying to take you crystals with units you can place round the maps. You can choose six characters all together from mage to paladin and two monsters that you can summon to the field that is it really, and the game doesn’t even tell you this you just have to figure it out yourself.

There are only twelve maps and each map has 30 waves of different foes that parade round the field to the other side of the map where they proceed to steal your precious crystals. Your characters have a level and you can upgrade them with G’s (gold coins) that you get every round from killing as many monsters as you can or even to buy extra units to fight. So you set up your ambush and spent all your G’s you’ve fought a couple of waves you will relies that’s all this game as to offer.

The graphics remind me of the 32-bit era which brings back happy memories for me like mystic quest for Sins, but they have added none of the in-depth story’s or character profiles not even a reason why these monsters want your crystals or why you even have them which with the bit style graphics  just bores you, there none of the expectations you would expect from a final fantasy series, in fact you don’t even get anything half as good as you would any other final fantasy titles which makes the music grind on you after 20 minutes and also lacks hugely in any kind of engaging features, there are much better strategy titles out on Xbox live arcade that fit this fun and clever strategy niche like worms and braid.

Even if you’ve played through the 30 waves of foes it does reward you with anything so you will find it very hard to keep playing and even enjoy.

Over all its fun for a very short time and then it gets very irritating and old, shame as I’m a huge fan of square Enix and they normally produce very high quality storytelling and in-depth characters but there’s none of that here which in fact lets you down even more because of the big name its u don’t get associated with. Also you don’t get any rewards or even a change in the game play like new units or in fact anything that would interest you to keep playing it. It just gets your hopes up then disappoints you badly like a T.V dinner; they look good on the box but taste terrible.


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