Review Xbox 360: Tom Clancy’s Hawx



Ok so Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X is not a difficult flight simulator but like all flight games there are a lot of controls to learn don’t be put off by this! Like any game you can get better by practising the basics then onto more advanced techniques but if you’ve placed Ace Combat 6 for 360 you will get straight into this as the controls are basically the same.

Story is original but very predictable, The High Altitude Warfare – Experimental Squadron (H.A.W.X) origins start at 1943 in the middle of WW2, they converted enemy aircraft and had some of the most secret combat missions of the entire war. The group was called project FALCO back then and after the war, project FALCO captured numerous advanced aircraft for the US Department of Defence, which they then shut down after the war, or that is what they wanted people to think the FALCO project was reorganised into H.A.W.K’s.

Hawx screenshot

Your story starts as the H.A.W.K’s group is going to be deactivated because of increasing budgets and the modernising of the military and has also led to PMC’s (Private Military Contractors) becoming more popular and powerful amongst states and countries. After this change in power the PMC’s spread into intelligence recon, land, air and sea assaults also going into goods manufacturing and even into consultancy….. You smell something fishy too then? You then get employed by Artemis Global Security and you get control of your old squadron again then you basically sort the mess left by this unforeseeable global balance change by of course blowing things up, if only all life’s problems could be solved this way, shame.

I like to play all types of games but there’s something about the game play of these types of games I can’t find anywhere else, flying around in a jet powered plane blowing stuff up is just great but if you like you games to be in-depth try something else otherwise if you’re a pick up and play person maybe give this a look.

The game plays pretty much smoothly just don’t fly too close to the ground and you may need to get used to the cameras and movement as I’ve found myself a little disoriented at times. It’s a lot more arcade like with the fact you have an automatic speed set to accelerate from and brake from (can be turned on and off) so don’t worry about slowing down so much you’ll fall from the sky, also this makes it more friendly and accessible to new comers to the jet fighter experience. There’s also some other great features like the intercept feature, when the indicator appears press the X button then a series of gates will appear, fly through them, this will guide you into position to attack, this is useful when you’re on top of an enemy or just near one, makes the business or repositioning under pressure a lot easier, also there’s a similar system for the dodging of missiles and rockets that are locked onto you, it’s all the same part from you press B button when someone has a lock on you or you could even deploy your flares with right analogue stick. That’s about it you just need to get used to yawing and actually steering your jet.

Hawx Screenshot

Graphically it looks little worse than Ace Combat 6 again with the square like units on the ground,  the look of the aircraft is acceptable and good enough to make you feel cool when you’re flying round the sky’s showing off to your allies or even friends as this game has a good multiplayer side to it. The lack of effects shows, like when you accelerate there no flames; no boom no nothing which just means it’s missing the little worth wile improvements on features and effects that make these games fun and cool.

The map detail is good, city’s looks nicely detailed when you fly over them and the smoke effects look real too, also the natural scenery around looks clear and pleasing to look at, which is important really as you see a lot of your surrounding areas at one time you want to feel like you’re flying round a realistic battle ground and not a scene from toy soldiers with tiny Lego like units and structures.

I don’t think after completing this game you will play it through again, there’s not enough game play really for you to give it another play through but the co-op element can fix that. The voice commands you use once and forget about them, it’s a lot easier to use the buttons but it’s a little amusing none the less. The story is has little impact on top of all this it just fills you in on your mission with a little reason why you are doing what you’re doing but I guess with something that has an arcade feel should be judged more on game play.. I would if there was enough game play to judge it with. I’m little disappointed as it’s obviously been branded a Tom Clancy came but has little Tom Clancy quality or excitement like they normally bring, it’s still enjoyable… after you get over your initial disappointment.

 Rating: 6.5/10

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