Xbox 360: Twitter and Facebook, how will they be received?


So we all know they are coming now but will they be as bigger hit as everyone thinks?

Remember when MSN came out on the 360’s dashboard, it was brilliant at first being able to chat to your MSN friends but however it got very old for me and for a good number of my friends, as constantly trying to use the chat pad to type back is quiet hard and a challenge when you’re in game and want to get back to play. I ended up taking of my MSN account as it was just getting to crazy and I never got to play anything and at the time my pc was broken so I didn’t have MSN other than on the 360.

I can see this being a hit with people who don’t use their laptop/tower a great deal, it is a easy and simple way of accessing the social networking sites but for people who go on those sites regularly with a browser I don’t think they will use it much as it can be such a pain to use while you’re trying to do other things on the dashboard. I think we can all enjoy it but at different levels and it is nice to see new features coming to the dashboard, but as someone who won’t exactly use them much after the initial shine has worn off I would have rather had the avatar rewards up and running properly and a faster service all together but even I still think it’s a step in the right direction.

Another worry I have is how much these features are going to slow down the overall service after all the team say they have just upgraded the speed and a few problems with the menu sticking, it would be a shame to do this and for the service to go back a few steps in the way of speed and ease to use. Remember these features are accessible from the dashboard only and not in game or while you’re watching a movie, so use of them will be held back while you’re doing other things, which is a great idea.

One thing I must say it does make the 360 seem capable of more, these extra features show what the 360 is capable of and the new features have been created with a very classy look that fits in with the 360 dashboards overall design. The avatars incorporated also give a Microsoft slant on the features so you can relate to them visually and is overall user friendly. These features are important to a degree, they give the 360’s CV a boost in the way off selling more consoles and appealing to the general public, just please don’t forget about us more serious gamers Microsoft.


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