Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising

I’m really enjoying OFP even though people warned me it was “too hard” it’s a much more complex challenge and takes a bit of time and thought. Gamers are getting very lazy these days, demanding everything on a plate well I like working for my treasures and rewards! It’s why I play games and I’m glad I can play OFP and my gaming skills haven’t degraded since my Dreamcast/Sega Saturn days where dying every 10 minutes was the norm, it made you practice and practice till you did it the good old-fashioned way through hard gaming graft. All I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself and trying out some uncomfortable territory, never know if you stick with it you might get better at it….  heaven forbid.
CK out… 

3 comments on “Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising

  1. Well, said, personally I loved this game when it came out and found it to be fantastic when playing with other people.

    Not played it much recently but nobody should shy away from it because its “hard”.

  2. I really enjoyed this game, bought it on release and loved it. However i use this in the past tense as the online play (buggy as hell) the short campaign, and the lack of things promised forced me to trade this game as after a while i found it unplayable. I agree its not ‘hard’, just requires more concentration than the run n gun CoD types

  3. I Don’t play much online these days, too busy. I go through games like theres no tomorrow and im glad i can still stand up to a challenge 🙂 This game however does have a target audience and would just baffle other gamers who don’t really gave a grasp on more complex gameplay so i will be reviewing it carefully and clearly.

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