Review Xbox 360 Arcade: Call of Duty Classic

Video games have come a long way since I was a little girl, even more so in the past ten years. The visual quality of games has taken a huge leap since the days when Call of Duty was first released by Activision in 2003, and you can truly see how far the Call of Duty series has come over the years especially battling other popular war titles at the time like Medal of Honour, makes the rise of the CoD series even more astounding.

Call of Duty Classic is well as it says on the tin, a classic. This game shows you the very foundations of the series where the great features and dramatics started so to speak. Visually it looks basic with no textures or in fact soldier shadows pointed out by my friend really does take you back to a time where quality of game play really mattered. Over the past ten years game have developed at an incredibly speed visually, look at Modern Warfare 2 now with all of its details like dust, explosions and textures and take a look at early PS2 games and Original Xbox games, even the difference between those and our modern day console titles is quite incredible when you get the chance to take a step back with a port like this.

As I started playing my brother said “That’s your CoD face” I was truly consumed in this original, all of the greatest parts of the CoD series originate with this title and you can experience it right now in 2009. Controls are the same as our modern CoD’s, this is where the standard 1st person shooter button layout came from, I play so many 360 first person shooters that have this button layout it’s interesting to see where it came from. You get the exact same feel playing it, all the excitement is still there but in a more simple form which is just as enjoyable and fierce and intense fighting that we experience now.

You have the story mode to complete consisting of three different sides, Russian, British, and American, the story mode is pretty awesome. You also have Leaderboards to explore and Achievements to hunt, but best of all you have multiplayer. Multiplayer is great fun and you have a decent amount of modes to choose from, it’s such a selling point for this XBLA title as it so much fun, it’s like CoD but made all dinky and small almost compared to our modern CoD multiplayer.

If you enjoy CoD even if you’ve only played the 360 CoD titles you will enjoy this game. The feel you get is purely original even in the multiplayer it shines through, this isn’t a title to miss as you get a great insight into the CoD series and history but you also get so much fun and enjoyment from playing it on your own or with your friends.

Gamer Rating: 8.9/10

Buy or Pass: Buy

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward


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