Corporal Kitty’s Cracking Top 5 Xbox 360 Games of 2009

The Five 360 games that have been so awesome they have ruined my personal life in 2009


5: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope was my Favourite RPG of 2009, it has just about everything you would need for a fun and in depth adventure into an RPG. The characters and their surroundings were beautifully crafted and cared for, most of the wide open areas you explore are mystical and epic and help create such a detailed and colourful universe. With an array of exciting weapons and monsters to fight and you have that strong EXP system, the combat is balanced perfectly between strategy and real time fighting. The story telling was a little cheesy at times, with some major cheese love plots and seriously fashion deprived bad guys left the game ticking most true RPG fans boxes’ and is a fantastic game to get consumed by.


4: Forza 3

I absolutely adore racing games and I wasn’t really spoilt for choice when it came to a hardcore racing games this year with the likes of Fuel, Need for Speed Shift and Dirt 2 being exciting but too easy (Dirt 2 being my second best racing title) but Forza 3 came and wiped the floor with all of these and the other racing titles of 2009. Its clean, smooth and solid, it offers a true consistent racing experience, no huge jumps, no silly physics, just hardcore racing. There is a gigantic stack of cars to choose from with many of the big named car manufactures available and some more of the exotic cars to race, leaves petrol heads like myself in heaven. You can also pimp out your rides by creating some liveries for your car, tune it to perfection or just tint the windows, the customisation is incredible. Not only do you get all this but you also have the Storefront at your disposal, full of videos, cool pictures, other players liveries, leaderboards… it just goes on, defiantly my best racing title of 2009 by a long shot.


3: Modern Warfare 2

Obviously this was going to get a mention, I was very hesitant in buying Modern Warfare 2 as I played COD 4 to death with clan matches and seven hour straight sessions for about a year, I wasn’t sure if they could improve this or deliver another exciting single player campaign I also had doubts about the stability of the multiplayer as COD 4 had some serious connection problems for the first two months of release. I’m very glad I bought it now, though it has some irritating glitches, Modern Warfare 2 does deliver an exciting thrilling experience and even Veteran difficulty is still as challenging as always. Everything is improved with added extras and a bit of tinkering with what weapons are available online, perks are better thought out and chosen more wisely, not all are totally balanced but most are help create a fairer online experience. One of my favourite features is the Special Ops, I love sitting down and getting stuck into them with my wingman, we are getting good working together and cover each other without even having to say where that sniper is, this is a unique thing, this level of team bonding is hard to achieve but with a regular team on Modern Warfare 2 (Whatever you play) You can achieve it and create a nicely oiled killing machine.


2: Borderlands

After the first ten minutes of play this game had my full attention, I played it for days straight it really took me by surprise how polished the visuals where, all that little cell shaded detail I didn’t think was possible was possible, and with that groovy mad max theme just added heaps of character to Borderlands. There’s a crazy amount of weapons, CRAZY amount, and with the same insane amount of everything else  just leaves you exploring for hours and getting yourself into all sorts of mercenary trouble. There’s a lot of blood and chunks which makes me very happy, the splat from headshots is especially enjoyable along with the elements on weapons like acid and indencary to create more carnage. One of the bigger selling points for me and one of the most fun experiences I’ve had for a while is the co-op, you can enjoy all of this but with friends, just creates so much fun and opens up the game to its full potential, defiantly a must buy in the new year sales.


1: Batman Arkham Asylum

A super hero game that wasn’t a PG and wasn’t lame, it was in-fact beautiful in my eyes, Batman is portrayed how he is supposed to be, dark, strong and tainted. The moves you can pull off in this game are seriously cool, cracks, crunches and hard kicks just sound and look painful, which is great as evil must pay in pain. The story is incredible with many hidden links to the true Batman universe scattered throughout the game, exploring as a fan of all this made me very happy. The game was also designed well, the joker’s riddles being a lot of fun to hunt out and collect but incorporated into the levels themselves just bringing the whole game together. There’s a lot of characters you will recognise but some will be hidden for the hardcore fans, which is what I love about the game in general it gives the mainstream audience a great experience but to the hardcore fan it’s like speaking to the games developers themselves about all of this, that’s why Batman Arkham Asylum is my number one Xbox 360 title in 2009, god bless you Batman.

 I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, CK


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