Review Xbox 360: Battlefield Bad Company 2

There are alot of 1st person shooters out on the Xbox 360 now from the big to the small, what we really want is a game that stands on its own two feet and doesn’t take too many elements or features that other 1st person shooters have. That’s alot to ask for especially when there’s alot of games out there that do try and create something unique, BFBC2 gets the mix between their popular formula of destructible environments and sturdier combat pace just right once again but with some new added and improved features that any sequel should have then blends them to bring you a very high quality modern 1st person shooter.

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Corporal Kittys F1 2010 nudge

Like alot of people I’m an avid motor sport fan, one of my many loves being the Formula 1 coverage on TV. I’ve also played a couple of F1 titles the best one being 07 on PS3 for me though it still lacked an extra punch.

There’s been alot of energetic talk about Codemasters great racing influence that could help shape this new Formula 1 game and after having a good dig round for the various insights I’m ready to think about investing my money into another Formula 1 title especially now it’s coming to many platforms this autumn. F1 2010™ will be released in September by Codemasters and there’s already alot of great coverage all over the internet.

If you’re still in two minds about F1 2010 and you want to get into that racing spirit here’s the pick of some of the best articles I’ve found that helped give me a better heads up:

The EGTV Show: F1 2010 Special               

F1 2010 Official UK Homepage:

F1 2010 Preview by TVG:

The game looks stunning and there’s some solid and reliable hype about it, which gives me a good feeling about it. Codemasters are a great bunch of developers too and have created some high quality games and I look forward to getting my hands on Codemasters revitalised F1 racing title.

Review Xbox 360: Dark Void

You play as Will a lowly cargo ship operator trying to keep his business a float in the midst’s of another terrible World War us humans get ourselves into.

At the very start of the campaign, even before the intro explaining this world and some of the background story you’re thrown straight into jet pack flight training. Here you will be first shown one of the element’s Capcom tried to push the game with and that’s the fact you can fight or take flight with your rocket pack. It is initially a very bumpy ride as it’s just like controlling a jet fighter but with the implication that you’re a man, it isn’t going to be an easy thing to do to start with. As you’re training with two friendly air craft and learn how to boost and break you’re attacked by UFO’s. These UFO’s are controlled by the Watchers, the evil force which is trying to cause worldwide destruction. Initially I was very uncomfortable with the overall movement while I was flying it’s because I had every direction to fly in and with the right analogue stick I could spin, twisting my view very quickly. After five minutes I picked up the basics of flight and took out some of the UFO’s that where around me, you’ll need to get better as these fights as they become more hectic later on but you will gradually be introduced to this part of the game and it’s not a huge spike in difficulty if you’re good at adapting to different games like me, otherwise you might struggle with the manoeuvres and general feel. The poor rebel fighter you do control at the time eventually gets taken down in the ambush and the intro begins to unravel some of the mystery of what you just saw.

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Review Xbox 360: WET

Stylish, deadly and beautiful three perfect words to describe the lead Rubi Malone in this creative and violent modern shooter.


You play as Rubi a take no shit kind of girl who is paid for what she does best, and that’s dealing with other peoples idiotic problems using bullets – it’s how she rolls. You’re in a take no shit kind of game aswell; you can use several weapons to take down your foes easily but with a cinematic acrobatic edge. After just five minutes of gameplay you’ve covered the room in blood and have killed several goons by running across walls and shooting them in the face with, not just one gun but two. You can also slice and dice with your samurai sword leaving body’s minced and tangled on the floor without even thinking about it, the best part about this is you look damn cool while doing it. You get this brilliant vibe throughout the game with a side helping of catchy fast paced action, Lara croft Esq acrobatics and a top notch sound track to set the 70’s desperado tone. Continue reading

Girl mistakes gun for Wii remote – kills herself

I’ve just sat and read several articles about this three year old girl shooting herself with her dads pistol, there’s one or two things I’d like to get straight as a rational human being.

The father should not have had fire arms in the house, my dad has fire arms in this country in his house and he has to keep them in a metal cabinet bolted to the wall, any human being knows that guns kill and this is necessary. When you give someone something dangerous (Doesn’t always have to be a gun) the sad fact is they might not be able to handle the responsibility that comes with something like a gun.

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Review Xbox 360: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Welcome to the world of kart racing! Many would have experienced this unique genre thanks to the Mario Kart series which has reigned on many platforms today and back throughout the gaming industry. What we expect as gamers/customers in the 21st century is for popular genres to hit everybody’s modern day standards and for everybody to have a fair choice and variety in the genre. The simple yet effective way these games make us happy is evident, it’s fun driving little carts and shooting slap-stick style weapons but when a preference or theme is introduced it gives an already much loved formula a bit of weight/content to please our more demanding needs as consumers in today’s world, even our children’s minds.

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is a perfect example of this forward and modern type of problem solving.

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