Review Flash Game: Sushi Cat

There’s one combination of two things that is guaranteed to entertain, those two things are cats and sushi.

Ok maybe I stretched the truth a little but this formula works for this Flash Game Sushi Cat! This cat has a problem, there’s a female kitteh in the window and our cat can’t get through the automatic doors to get to kitteh due to its lack of weight, oh noes!

Our cat decides to go on a sushi eating mission to plump up to get his girl. It’s really simple, you have a certain amount of round cats you drop from the top of the screen into the obstacle filled puzzle (abit like those machines you stick a 2p in at the top and watch it fall down through the gaps). There are also five trays at the bottom marked with bonus points to wobble into, the physics make the kitty do some funny bouncing but it can be a little slow watching him flap and scoff till he hits a tray.

You have to fill the cats belly meter at the left hand side of the screen till the cats face is very happy, after that you get bonuses for any extra fishy treats you eat. If you drop him and get some speed you can gobble sushi really quick and get multipliers…. and indigestion. Although it’s a little slow it’s extremely addictive and if you catch an incoming snitch or boss while you’re playing Sushi Cat at work, it will save your progress from the last level – no crying over spilt milk for you!

The simple addictive music and cute anime style gives the game a great look and the cut scenes a slap stick cartoon humour – having a cat slam its face into a hard surface several times can please the most demanding minds.

Overall JoeyBetz and Jimp have made a great physics based puzzle game to waste your time with.

Score: 3.9/5

Play Sushi Cat here!


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