Girl mistakes gun for Wii remote – kills herself

I’ve just sat and read several articles about this three year old girl shooting herself with her dads pistol, there’s one or two things I’d like to get straight as a rational human being.

The father should not have had fire arms in the house, my dad has fire arms in this country in his house and he has to keep them in a metal cabinet bolted to the wall, any human being knows that guns kill and this is necessary. When you give someone something dangerous (Doesn’t always have to be a gun) the sad fact is they might not be able to handle the responsibility that comes with something like a gun.

If you think she picked up the gun because she was playing with the Wii gun peripheral you need to give your head a shake. Ask yourself this, how many times has she seen her dad shoot that pistol if he’s been naive enough to leave it on a table at child height? Probably a lot, he obviously didn’t see this till it was too late and even though it was a very sad and stupid thing to happen I still feel for the dad this has happened too.

This should be another lesson that not everyone should have weapons, look at kids in the UK they use knifes a lot to “defend” themselves and have no sense or perception into what there actually doing, this is why weapons are dangerous full stop. I just hope that someone will learn a lesson here, it’s obvious that the American government don’t listen to these story’s as school get shot up constantly. This isn’t the Wii fault, there are guns on TV and in films every day but we’ve learnt that this isn’t the true issue that causes these things, education is.

People always blame other things when tragedies happen, it’s easier too and it’s a way to direct anger and hurt. The gaming industry itself gets a HUGE portion of blame for most bad things that happen in this world when this industry actually educates, however I do believe this can’t be the case 100% of the time as logic tells me it just can’t be that way. But if you wanted to truly stop this happening you must go to the route of the problem…. LACK OF EDUCATION! I really can’t say it enough.

What a tragedy to happen to a three-year old and her father.


2 comments on “Girl mistakes gun for Wii remote – kills herself

  1. Well said you… I already commented on another article saying that the problem isn’t with the Wii, it’s with people leaving weapons lying around the house in reach of a small child. It must be tragic for the entire family, but just hope that a lesson has been learned. It’s just a pity that it had to be learned the hard way!

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