Review Flash Game: Poco Parco

Poco Parco is another bizarre but addictive Japanese flash game brought to you by Gunho Games, the same company that created the popular Grow series.

Poco Parco is full of bright colours, strange but cute objects and creatures that react with each other and you. You have one disk like platform and some little creatures to select at the bottom of the screen, click these with your mouse to send them onto your platform. It’s truly an amazing game as you’re not expecting what happens next, things start to grow or change like puddles become waterfalls and your little digger creature will start building other things. Other animals will be drawn to this platform depending on what you have built and you can interact with these little fellas too by hovering you mouse pointer over them.

The music is simple but happy and goes well with this little bizarre world you’re creating. It isn’t an obvious point and click game either, you will need to have an explore of this world to see what needs what to grow.

Poco Parco is a creative and interactive experience, small but refreshing none the less. You should give it a whirl but for those not fluent in Japanese do watch out for the instructions and menu text (It’s not hard to figure out what button does what). 

Score: 3.9/5

Play Poco Parco Here


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