Review Flash Game: Robot Unicorn Attack

Have you ever had the urge to ride a psychedelic robot unicorn over purple terrain while collecting pixies? Me neither but it’s actually good fun and can mess with your head abit too.

Welcome to the world of the robot unicorn where the 80’s still exist in the form of mind bending menu music, hallucinogenic colours, fairy’s and stars that will break your unicorns head off if not heroically dashed into… yeah I know it sounds absolutely insane but this side scroller is stupidly addictive.

Z – is jump, tap again for double jump and X is for your Rainbow Attack – that’s all you need to use but you must also navigate this legendary creature over purple platforms of peril and around objects that will ultimately bring the unicorns demise. The game automatically runs for you and runs fast. Faster than I first expected, which resulted in horsy death for me and after taking up one of my three wishes in doing so – wishes being lives in this case – I got well into it with help from Erasure of course, yes Erasure plays in the background while you play! … Crazy!

The further you run the more points you accumulate overall and the fairy’s and stars you collect on the way give you bonus points. The fairy’s aren’t always worth risking a nasty fall for as you don’t get alot of points for them and the stars give you more points but if you head butt one it will cause a small explosion and then death. There isn’t an ultimate reward you just play till your Erasure’d out but it’s rewarding enough to just play and a joy to look at.

The game acts just like a psychoactive drug with its experimental theme, array of hued colours and fast jump and dash unicorn action – it truly is an unique “thing” anyway never mind the fact it’s a free flash game. It’s a very good waste of time and you will find it hard to find something this strangely 80’s awesome in any game anywhere.

Score: 4.5/5

Play Robot Unicorn Attack Here


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