Corporal Kittys F1 2010 nudge

Like alot of people I’m an avid motor sport fan, one of my many loves being the Formula 1 coverage on TV. I’ve also played a couple of F1 titles the best one being 07 on PS3 for me though it still lacked an extra punch.

There’s been alot of energetic talk about Codemasters great racing influence that could help shape this new Formula 1 game and after having a good dig round for the various insights I’m ready to think about investing my money into another Formula 1 title especially now it’s coming to many platforms this autumn. F1 2010™ will be released in September by Codemasters and there’s already alot of great coverage all over the internet.

If you’re still in two minds about F1 2010 and you want to get into that racing spirit here’s the pick of some of the best articles I’ve found that helped give me a better heads up:

The EGTV Show: F1 2010 Special               

F1 2010 Official UK Homepage:

F1 2010 Preview by TVG:

The game looks stunning and there’s some solid and reliable hype about it, which gives me a good feeling about it. Codemasters are a great bunch of developers too and have created some high quality games and I look forward to getting my hands on Codemasters revitalised F1 racing title.


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