Review XBLA: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Game

After the amount of promotion the Scott Pilgrim franchise has had over this past month from the announcement and release of the movie and the growing interest in the already published comic books shortly after, no wonder every geek is talking about Scott Pilgrim but can the Video Game stand on its own two feet and live up to the hype from its two predecessors?

Scott Pilgrim vs The world is a charming example of geek culture, the game comes in a side scrolling beat-em up style with a kick-ass chiptune soundtrack to give it some life as soon as you’ve pressed play. Alongside that alot of elements draw inspired visuals from games like Double Dragon and TMNT, it has some small RPG elements bulking out the game aswell as the usual level up as you progress system. You can also see from the game, or whatever you’ve picked up already in the series, that this is a quality three part experience and these three things will link together and improve the more you indulge into the Scott Pilgrim world.

You start with just a few basic moves and work your way up levels by fighting an array of 8 to 16-bit dudes and then 7 evil ex-boyfriends bosses. You can block, jump, kick and punch or you can pick up the various objects to batter your teenage foes with. Each of the four characters you can pick from has a special ability, all these actions work well with the side-scrolling action however there will be one or two cheap shots you just can’t dodge.

The visuals and theme’s surround the game are very attractive and the gameplay itself is shaped and thought-out to a degree with some good evolution in play, which leads it to be a really good side-scrolling title underneath everything but without some the mistakes coming through into the gameplay. There’s experience to collect which levels-up your character and unlocks moves as you progress, there’s money to gather and spend at in-game stores and a multitude of secrets and bizarre things to find alongside your nerd love mission.

Single player is great fun to play but can be a little tricky at times and in certain places, there’s the option for multiplayer to help with this snag but there’s no online multiplayer option, only local. When you begin the game this problem can drag you down a little as it takes time to build up enough exp to play well on your own and the fact it has no multiplayer keeps it locked down into just your home, this takes some of the shine off Scott Pilgrim The Game. As you progress past this and are able to kick-ass at will you’ll be able to buy lots more items to boost your level and stats, this and the fact you unlock some tasty reversals gives you some rewards to continue to play for and helps pick up the speed of gameplay.

The chiptune soundtrack provided by Anamanaguchi fits superbly well with the old school visuals and is one of the most fitting soundtracks I’ve heard to a game. With that and the whole geeky attitude running throughout, the game can offer a very lively experience eventually or from the word go if you have players sat next to you.

Though the game has some initial bumps due to the problems stated, Scott Pilgrim will eventually bend you to its un-beatable charm to give you many hours of nostalgic gameplay even when you have to repeat levels. It has an instant draw due to the visual design and some old but damn funky sounds alongside enough in-game bits to keep you happy and away from its weakspots.

Score: 8/10

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Chengdu

Genre: Fighting, Platformer


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