EAG Expo 2012

The EAG Expo comes round every year to show people some of the best and most up to date amusement machines in Europe.

The EdexCel Centre!

EAG 2012 was held At the EdexCel Centre in London and had a huge amount of floor space to show all those beauties in action. All arcade machines where set up so you could play for free! All day you could play to your hearts content and experience some those much loved arcade machines you left behind in your hayday.

SEGA had a big display space with many amusement machines on the floor that day. Time Crysis 3 & 4, Outrun, Superbooths (Photo related), Bejeweled and many more where there to see but sadly no House of the Dead, to my dismay!

Brand new Arcade machine's can come at quite a hefty price!

You can find SEGA’s fine amusement products here: Link

Namco Bandai where also working the floor with several beauties, the huge four player Pacman Battles machine went down well with all, it was great fun to play especially with a full team! They also where showing others like Deadstorm Pirates, Super Bikes 2 and Terminator Salvation which were all oodles of fun to play.

You can find all Namco Bandai’s machines here: Link

Rivalry is always a good thing 🙂

A lot of these machines can give out tickets, you can normally redeem these for prizes like at Namco Fun Scape in London: Link

3D Technology representatives where present on the floor to give you a quick tutorial of how the machine worked or to initially set it up. All where friendly and polite, some where even giving little bits away like lanyards, sweets and other little trinkets. Most of the 3D technology there held its own and I even got to experience some new variants of amusement machine, these easily created different feels and vibes to most of the 3D rides. I hope the manufacturers stick with this and run with it, especially for the amusement business as they’ve been in sharp decline for a good few years now.

No more of these guys please 😦

Show your support by visiting the EAG Expo next time in circles around! It is for free, so why not show your support for those arcade gems you always loved and probably always will… And get more people involved too!


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