Soul Calibur 5 Gamerbase Tournament

On the 8th of Feburary Gamerbase held a night of Soul Calibur casuals and a tournament with the the two event organisers Duncan and Joel which turned out to be a great night.

Gamers turned up nice and early to get their practice in (and Joseph Walsh from Namco) and brought with them some of the best variety of arcade sticks I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

Atmosphere was good, it wasn’t an extremely competitive crowd that evening as there was a lot of chit chat going on and multiple set-ups to cheer on anyway. It was good to see some different energy and faces running this event, Duncan and Joel where on hand to help people register and get some practice in and Joe was there MCing the event with a couple of others from the Soul Calibur community. Streaming was done by James Bardolph, he was also talking with the online viewers and keeping them on their toes with questions, showings of special edition guides and the SCV arcade stick.

Skill level was impressive, from gamers who know Soul Caliburs rhythm to the newcomers. They all seemed to face off to each other well, some gamers won with a staggering lead but most fought tooth and nail to get further into the tournament. There was a few prizes to be handed out by the end too, which were well received by the winners.

Over all it wasn’t a bad night, you could hang and watch the tourney for free or take part for £5! It will be interesting to see who’ll win this SCV tournament overall… Check out the gallery here: Gallery

Fancy attending the next round? Visit or the GB Facebook page for details about any up and coming tournaments. Gamerbase Home & Gamerbase Facebook


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