BlazBlue Tournament: Round 1

BlazBlue Tournament: Round 1: Wednesday the 15th

It may have had a slightly bumpy start but the first leg of the BlazBlue tournament was a great success.

It was a very colourful night with the event organisers eager to get some posters up and some matches flowing. There were some regular faces there on the evening but I had the chance to mingle with some new faces too, all were great fun to chat to and the atmosphere was very chirpy and funny.

BlazBlue is one of my favourite fighting games, the colours and characters have always seemed to jump out and catch my eye and the guys and gals themselves also had their favourite characters geared up in their favourite colours (Taokaka being my favourite). This created a good balance between players and the multiple set ups helped mix things up a bit for the players so there’s was plenty of chances to win a few matches.

As always there was an incredible line up of arcade sticks on the night, some where a little battered but that just shows how much these guys practice and play!

Overall Andrew organised a great night for the BlazBlue community and with a stream connecting everyone with the public just made the night even better.

Visit the gallery here

Round 2 will be held on the 29th of February, why not pop into GB and test your BlazBlue might?

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