Review: Android: Music Hero

Think you have rythm? Music Hero is a free app you can pick up on the Andriod market that lets you upload your own music to play along to.

Music Hero is really easy to use and play and has three difficulty settings to test you; Simple, Standard and Expert. You can choose from the preloaded songs or get stuck into its upload feature, the pre – loaded tracks are good and will have you rocking out in no time but the most interesting part of this app is the fact you can play with your own music.

The user interface is easy to grasp and even easier to see which notes are coming. For a free app Music Hero is balanced well when you play and becomes a great way to enjoy pockets of time thanks to the medium of music and technology, together.

Music Hero will pick up any MP3 formated file locally on your device, you can also manually check through your phone’s files yourself just in case. After you’ve played one of your songs there’ll be a record of the score within the Preloaded Songs menu section, you can return and check these out if you wish or have another good pop at a certain favourite tune.

Overall it is a tiny bit addictive but a little on the small side, however it is free. You can upload and play your own tracks, so while you’re on the way home you could play and listen to your favourite songs! Why not mix the two mediums and pick up Music Hero today!

 Score: 2.5 / 5

Music Hero Google Play Link 

Music Hero Trailer 

Requires Android 2.0 and up

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