About Me

I’m Cheryl! I’m a 20 something female geek-zilla, born in the North East and currently living in London. I like to write and design, I get my head stuck into quite a bit but here’s a little bit about me.

I was born in Corbridge in 1987; it’s a place near Hexham in the UK. My family moved to a place called Castleside when I was three, which is a very isolated but beautiful place. Consett is my small home town and is just thirty minutes from my house but is miles away from everything else so I travelled around whenever I could.

I’ve always been into technology really, anything electrical I was all over as a child, not much has changed either! I like to write about video games and write short story’s, I studied art & design in my earlier years so I shape these skills and have incorporated them alongside my writing to support it further. I’m quite creative with my writing and drawing and like to be experimental from time to time to try build my profile and range of skills further. I’ve written for a couple of game reviewing sites, reviewing and writing opinions and got on very well at it. I’ve also presented some video which you may find scattered around this blog, I hope you enjoy those as I had great fun making them!

I’m a community player and people are important in many aspects of my work and they help keep things a bit lively too!

Well that’s the basics about me! Hope you enjoy my work as much as I like to do it.

Any quires into Freelancing or other projects please email me – Chezboz@Hotmail.co.uk or Cheryl.rowell@gamerbase.com


Cheryl Rowell aka Corporal Kitty


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