This is an incredibly addictive game. You’re this little indestructible tank which you to manoeuvre round the screen to take out little helicopters and other little annoyances. At first glances it looks bare, uncharacteristic and unloved but just keep going for another second and those seconds will quickly evolve into minutes. It’s hard to nail why it’s slightly hypnotic but at the same time, a fun challenge, it could have something to do with the bouncing tank you control.

You basically use the arrow keys to move and hit your foes, your enemy’s shoot/drop bombs which you bounce off to start chaining combo’s together. You have a fuel bar which is your time limit to hit the experience bar limit and level up, after you gain enough points you’ll be onto the next level. When you level up you’ll get the chance to use that experience to increase the number of enemy’s you get to destroy, this means they’ll be more chaos when you start again which is rather fun.

The physics are hilarious and partly why I enjoyed it so much, you get this awesome feeling when you bounce off around twenty enemy craft (my highest combo chain is 24) and then bounce around until the tank corrects itself. There’s one thing I can’t help picture in a small child-like way is what’s happening to the poor bugger driving it, you can pick up some speed and velocity when you pass more levels by hitting so many enemy’s that I can only imagine the guys very dead inside.

You can max out everything like the fuel and enemy numbers, when you do the game kicks into unlimited mode where you finish the game when your brain gives up the will to live. It’s up to you how far you want to go as there’s a leaderboard with fellow users trying to conquer it with you.

I nearly feel in love with this lovable bouncy tank and maybe you would too, just check out the link and give it a whirl.

Click Here To Play


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