Matrix Rampage

This flash game gets you to take on mini agents as you try and survive for as long as you possibly can to gain a super high score. Arrow keys move your player, A is for attack or throw and S is to pick up things like plant pots, tables and weapons. It’s set in just one building but you can jump up levels and back down them which is great at creating a better structure to the gameplay, and you can eventually break floors and walls too.

It comes in a cute 8-bit design which does bring out those mini elements well and it plays pretty fast, more agents appear after you kill them so you can gather pace too. This creates good momentum for such a small bitsy game and gets you kicking agent butt in no time.

Overall it’s a smooth player and has small rewards to keep you entertained on a boring work afternoon.

 Click Here To Play

Created by T.Suriyathep


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