GemCraft Labyrinth

The student years are over and you’re spending your time guarding some miniature picturesque village. Darkness arrives to screw up this world, surrounding your little village and over whelming it with growingly bad and suspect weather. Monsters decend upon the town from the think black smog and it’s up you to guard what’s yours using the magical abilities you’ve trained with to push back these evil fiends! Here unravels the bigger story revolving around why you were really sent to such a small location.

When you first enter the Labyrinth you’ll notice the big 13×13 board you get to explore, these are fields you battle on. When you explore them you basically have to repel the attacks and more space will unlock afterwards.

When you select a part of the map to invade, you’ll zoom into a smaller grid to start fighting on which you can see the shape of from the Labyrinth map. It’s basically a tower defence game but you can build and utilize some nice features.

When you begin a game there will be gem type icons in the lower right corner of your screen. Select one and choose a level of strength but be carefull to keep an eye on your magic bar and not spend too much magic too soon. Then once it has filled a little inventory slot it’s ready to be placed on the map into preferably a tower. You can also sacrifice gems and use them as weapons solely, there’s a bunch of actions you can use at the top right of your screen (above your gem inventory). You can also combine gems to bring the gems to strengths together, you can place traps too and place a gem within them.

Information about you attacks and actions will normally appear when you hover your mouse pointer over the item/spell or power you wish to use. You also have to start time when you have finished placing your dinky objects. The speed controls are located at the top left hand side of the screen, you can also click on waves to make them run into your area quicker, this also grants you bonuses.

Once you’ve completed an area by defeating the waves of enemys, the victory pop up screen will be there to greet you. Here’s where you can view all XP and any extra for multipliers. You can also unlock cheivements by completeing certain in game requirements and save locally or on the server if you sign in. You can also level up with all this lovely XP and unlock even more skills as you progress, then it’s onto the Battle Settings. You can mix many settings to create the right balance in game so you end up with more XP at the end of each match.

GemCraft Labyrinth is really addictivie and with the save functionality, leads to even more tower defence fun.

Play it here!


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