Super Mario Brothers Crossover V-1.1

Your fingers bored? eye’s or ears perhaps? There’s always some cool fan made games hiding around in the internet space to play, Super Mario Brothers Crossover created by Jay Pavlina being just one of them.

This little flash beauty combines those old characters like MegaMan and 8-bit sounds but within the first Super Mario Brothers game originally realesed in 1985 by Nintendo. That’s not all though, the creator also changed the soundtrack depending on what character you choose and you have that chosen characters moves instead of stale old Mario’s jump. When you pick up mushrooms and power ups the character you’ve chosen will change colour too, there’s also the characters original weapons to use to take out Goombas which makes it rather fun to run through again.

You can choose from: Ryu, Mario, Link, Sophia III, MegaMan, Samus, Simon and Bill.R and they all have unique moves and attacks.

There’s a neat online manual to help you with the controls as well and they’re pretty simple: you just use you keyboard instead of a control pad. You can even change difficulty if you want to challenge yourself or friends in the office and there’s hints, tips and even more sprites to look over which can be found here: Manual

This is a damn cool altered version of Super Mario Brothers filled with those gaming characters and noises you adored back in the day but do show your support for the original creators Nintendo and carry on supporting the products you like, along with playing these extra servings from fans.

Not a bad game to try on your lunch!

Click here to visit Exploding Rabbit and play!


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