Roadtrip Rampage

Roadtrip Rampage is a simple dollop of action for those long incredibly boring moments in the office, especially if you have a slight urge to grit your teeth.

You’re a mini biker ace out to regain control of the city streets by racing right through them wielding a dangerous object in your defense, so it’s up to you to wheely in and hand out some justice.

There’s three riders to choose from each having slightly different weapons and stats to the others, the stats signal your riders three strengths; speed, luck and special attack. Basically you drive through environments aiming to whack the other drivers on the head. There’s a few jumps and gaps to watch out for while you’re taking your frustrations out on the A.I. and they’re placed well enough to keep a nice constant tool while you play. You have a life bar and a special bar, your Special bar will grant your a stronger weapon to wreak havoc with. Once you’ve found a rhythm to the game play you can start to bounce off jumps and take out some of the more tricky A.I, they usually sports other vehicles and stronger tactics.

It’s pretty fun and speedy, which makes it a bit different from some other flash titles. They aren’t any glitches (that I’ve found) but there is a tiny tiny bit of an issue when attacking, sometimes you come out of a scrap taking unnecessary damage. Not a bad flash game, created by Tom Brien

Controls: Use up and down keys to move around your foes. Don’t ram them from behind or you’ll lose health and the right button on your mouse is used to attack.

Creator: Tom Brien >


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