End of Nations Preview

End of Nations is a MMORTS created by the Petroglyph studio which is mostly made up of Westwood Studio employees (Responsible for the C&C series) and published by Trion, creators of Rift. End of Nations is a massive game which allows up to 56 players to face off against each other. Players choose 3 companies to sponsor their forces, which define your abilities and playstyle; with several companies and many possible combinations to explore, this keeps the matches varied with plenty of action.

I’m going to start with: It’s definitely a game that will have you investing. It’s a persistent game with various regions to fight for control of; these sections are fought over on maps that are scattered across the EoN world map. Factions are able to flip these territories into their control 24 hours a day, so there’s no telling what will have happened when you get back online again. This is a great way of keeping the factions on their toes by shifting the posts, not changing the actual goal but the distance to it, and will have gamers enjoying the time they invest into the game.

The aim of the game is to control as many points of interest on the map and/or destroy the opposing side’s base to win. EoN does throw some unique challenges into the matches such as having to disable an enemy’s shield by holding points of interest in order to damage their base. These ideas will keep your attention pinned to the game and they don’t conflict with the other modes; you can make strategies and expand your skill tree but also Petroglyph want to control the pace of progression so you get the most out of every match and ultimately the game.

If you can dare to imagine so many persistent gamers or gamers looking to nest again, you can see EoN’s huge potential for growth which Petroglyph have incorporated into the game and ensured it rolls along with the rhythm and constant feed of activity. This is then woven into parts of the game so you’re basically acting like a tree yourself when you play, spreading out your skills and traits and then re-organising and re-engineering your army to create bigger and better strategies.

Nestled in the middle of all this strategic tinkering is the core of the game, the progression and customisation when you’re out of combat. You can check out the companies that build certain types of technology, take a look at your Hero Units, explore your Skill Tree and then there’s the extensive customisation which affects a lot of aspects of the game and helps you achieve a greater sense of control.

Did I mention that End of Nations is free? FREE?!

You pay no real money into the game but you can earn the in game currency to purchase additional in game content. You also earn your unlocks as you progress so play is as fair as possible, balance like this is a necessity with so many players and End of Nations’ complete game plan covers these bases. You can’t sell parts of the game off either, like map packs, so everyone can continue to play together without being broken up into the haves and have-nots. These are the type of balances End of Nations has an abundance of because of the bigger picture Petroglyph have in mind while building the game. Which ultimately can make so much sense my head hurts…

I can’t wait to play more myself, I was a very successful commander when I had a chance to play and I look forward to its Beta testing phases and ultimately the release as there’s a million and one reasons why we should support this game design ethos.