Episode One: The Frag Mentality: Gaming Accessories!

Here’s the first episode of my video venture into games… Gaming accessories is the subject… let’s see what I have to say!


Soul Calibur V Event / Casuals

The casuals were held on the 4th at The Chapel Bar by Namco Bandai games and Premier PR Games and held a nicely sized group of around 200.

There was a good amount of set-ups there, enough for everyone to get some practice in and everyone seemed to be doing so with vigor. Set-ups where located in several places so you could easily challenge people to a match or two and The Chapel Bar staff served us up refreshments all day so no warriors went thirsty.

Some respected and well known faces from the fighting community turned up including Ryan Hart, the Denton brothers, tech head Jamar and of course Hollie and Joe from Namco Bandai who were making sure all gamers felt involved, including everyone who joined the stream. You could easily watch Hollie and Marc Denton talking to the guys and gals on the live stream, that’s what I like about Namco’s events, there’s always some awesome coverage like that.

PPRGames where also there, talking about the advertising campaigns SCV had amongst other things and where very friendly and helpful. There was also a special guest @KayaneChan who basically taught us all a thing or two, she’s an incredibly talented SC fighter and has been since the age of nine!

Thanks to Premier PR Games and Bandia Namco for hosting a great event!

If you want any information regarding some of these events or similar, please follow @namcobandai @pprgames @HollieB and @Joukisan for more information.

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